Session Proposal: 5 Key Measurements for Product Success – What metrics we use internally at Pendo and why

As a provider of product analytics, one of the consistent questions we get is how to make sense of the data, and what should product teams look to measure. This session will walk through the key metrics that we use internally to measure the health of our customers and success of our product. We will look at how product teams can make usage data actionable, and ways that they can gather data and calculate metrics whether using our platform or not.


Michael Peach is the Head of Product Marketing for Pendo where he leads messaging, positioning, and launch activities for Pendo’s product success platform. Prior to joining Pendo marketing program director at IBM where he led marketing and demand generation initiatives for their mobile, application integration and business process management portfolios. He has also held product management and business development roles for several small and early-stage technology companies.

Session Proposal: What can Companies Learn From Their Social Media Audiences?

Session Title

What Can Companies Learn From Their Social Media Audiences?


We will share what we've been able to learn about followers and influencers in social media. Who really is the most influential? How do you figure it out? How should we interact with the strongest influencers on our brand and topics?

Presenter bio

Harold Ball is the founder of 5x5 and an analytics strategy consultant and serial entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience applying advanced math to solve challenging big data problems in marketing, finance and operations. He holds a BA in Economics from The University of the South, and an MS and PhD in Economics from Georgia State University. He is a frequent university lecturer, and serves as an Advisor to Georgia Institute of Technology’s Advanced Technology Development Center.

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