ProductCamp Atlanta 2017 Agenda



8:15  Volunteers Report
9:00  Registration
9:15  Session Leaders will pitch 30-second summaries of their sessions, and then we'll vote!
9:45  A word from our awesome sponsors!
10:00  Tally votes & Display Schedule
10:15  First sessions scheduled and posted.
11:00-11:40  Session 1 (#39-Incorporating Design Thinking and Customer Journey Maps into Your Practice,Rm #1; #33 - Why PM Needs to Own their Product's NPS Score,Rm #2; #8-What Got You Here Won't Get You There,Rm #4; #29 -Actions Speak Louder Than Words,Rm #5)
11:55-12:35  Session 2 #26 - Can't Fix What You Can't Measure, Rm #1; #31 - Building Your Influence: The Secrets of Driving Top-line growth, Rm #2; #17 - When Wonder Woman Leads; Rm #4; #11- A Framework for Going from Aimless Product Reports to Purposeful Data Stories, Rm#5)
12:35-1:15  Lunch - Sponsored by Fiserv!
1:15-1:55  Session 3 (#4 - How PM's Can SuperCharge Art to Balance Science, Rm #1; #27 - Product Manager: The Perpetual Networker, Rm #2; #30-Million Dollar Impact Through Metrics, Analytics, A/B, Rm#4; #10-Adopting an Improv Mindset for Collaboration and Storytelling, Rm #5
2:10-2:50  Session 4 (#23- 11.5 Videos Every Product Must Have, Rm #1; #44 - The MSP- Why There's Really No Such Thing as an MVP, Rm #2; #24 - How to Beat the Odds and Build Products that People Buy and User, Rm #4; #21 - Product Market Fit Job Applications, Rm #5
3:05-3:45  Session 5 (#32- The Princess Bride's Guide to Product Management, Rm#1; #5-IceBreakers and Improve for Better Teamwork, Rm #2; #20 - Lean Design Thinking, Rm #4 ; #19-Customer Discovery on Software for PM's, Rm #5)(
4:00-4:30  Closing Session
5:15  Happy Hour: Fado Irish Pub - 933 Peachtree St NE Atlanta, GA 30309 - Sponsored by Pivotal!

What is productcamp atlanta?

Once a year, in the spirit of BarCamp, ProductCamp Atlanta is a collaborative, participant-organized professional unconference, focused on Product Management, Marketing and UX topics.  ProductCamp Atlanta’s mission is 5-fold:

  • Educate the Atlanta product management community
  • Evangalize the role of product management
  • Entertain this awesome group of people
  • Elevate the status of product management
  • Expand the network of our community


At ProductCamp Atlanta everyone participates in some manner: presenting, leading a discussion, showcasing a best practice, or sharing their experiences. Others help with logistics, securing sponsorships, organizing sessions, or setting up/cleaning up.  This is a self organizing collaborative event that is designed be a fun, rewarding and a unique experience.

our sponsors who help make it happen






A day at productcamp atlanta


We'll start the day off with registration, networking, and...


A great way to get the day started.


session pitches

Then everyone who has submitted a session will have 30 seconds to propose their session. When the last presenter has pitched, attendees (YOU!) will vote on their top three sessions.



Here's  a quick glimpse into voting on the sessions (it's old school but fun.) Once complete the ProductCamp team will tally these up and post a schedule of the top voted sessions.


What's great is the variety of sessions that are offered by our attendees. You'll have the option to select from several different sessions through out the day. We'll usually wrap up around 4:30 pm, and then head to a happy hour shortly after.


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