We're always looking for people to volunteer to lead a ProductCamp Session, yet we often hear people say they would propose a session if they only knew what topic to lead. Well, in an effort to break down those barriers, we've taken the liberty of posting the following “Idea Starters”:

  1. What does a product manager actually do and are there any defining qualities?

  2. What major trends are impacting product management today?

  3. Making the case for Product Management: how is the picture different with a market-driven approach?

  4. How to build incredible Product Management teams!

  5. How can Product Managers better help their team maximize product value?

  6. A case study of converting market feedback and customer wants to a robust product backlog

  7. What's new - Latest Product Development methodologies and what they mean to Product managers (Lean Startup, Kanban Scrum, XP, etc)

  8. How does ProductCamp Atlanta add value to Product Managers?

  9. Something that your colleagues say that you do really well makes a great topic.
  10. Something that you (or someone) did that you are really proud of makes a great topic.
  11. Something that you want to be really good at makes a fantastic topic!
  12. A real-world case study of a successful market launch - step by step
  13. Perspective on where you believe product management and marketing are headed
  14. Creating the best Ux
  15. Discussion of go-to-market strategies
  16. Techniques for getting competitive intel in B2B environments
  17. Mobilification!
  18. Approaches to requirements gathering
  19. Agile
  20. How to execute client listening
  21. Something on Lean Start-up Principles and MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
  22. Brainstorming and collaboration. 

How about now? If one of these has sparked some inspiration be sure to sign up for a session proposal!