We're always receiving suggestions from ProductCampers, just like yourself, about suggested topics for sessions.  These are session ideas that the submitter did not plan to offer, but which they would like to attend.

As you consider what topic you might want to offer, feel free to see if any of these tickle your fancy…You could use them as-is, or use them as a starting point!  Included here is a potential category to help show the topic’s relevance to product management:

  • Career: How to break into Product Management – Advice for new grads & for other wanting to change careers.
  • Agile: How a tech team using Kanban can work best with a product management team who has customers steeped in a more traditional PMI/PMBOK style project management realm.
  • Pricing: Various methods for how to gather competitive information on pricing and generally what kind of models people use to determine how to price their products.
  • User Experience: Trends in User Experience – How to keep the usability of your sites current
  • Analytics: Tips on using Google Analytics
  • Tools: Collaboration tools and methods
  • Ideation: Rapid concept generation for physical products- save time and investment for exploring viable ideas. (I do this x often and with proven deliverables)
  • Agile: The product manager as the agile product owner – Managing product requirements in an agile development environment – The product roadmap in an agile development environment”
  • Marketing: Product Marketing 101
  • Organizational Change: Managing change in organizations.
  • Agile: A session on agile product development and the role of a product owner in a case study type format…A real life story.
  • Communications: Presentation Skills 101 – Creating presentations that are attention grabbing and worth remembering. Provide a tool kit of different ideas for effective presentations.

Looking forward to your session at our next ProductCamp!