Outsmart Your Cognitive Biases in Product Development

6-time ProductCamp award winner David Eckoff returns with all new material and a brand new session, to help you change how you think and change your results.

This session tackles one of the biggest problems we all face in product development. When it comes to thinking about your products and customers, you might not be connected to reality. Simply put, our brains have evolved over millions of years to unconsciously look for shortcuts to help us make decisions. That has upside: we're able to deal with information overload and make split-second decisions. But these hardwired shortcuts can distort how we think about our world, leading to decisions that seem right at the time but turn out to be spectacularly wrong. This creates big problems for product teams.

In this all new session, you'll learn a practical set of actions you can follow right now to outsmart cognitive biases in product development.

► Discover why smart, experienced people build products that people don't buy and use.
► Understand the hidden cognitive biases that are hardwired in our brains.
► Discover powerful techniques to overcome these cognitive biases.
► Learn simple but non-obvious hacks you'll love.

You'll experience a fast-moving hands-on program led by a product guy who has done it himself – and is dedicated to teaching you. For product managers, product marketers and startup founders in companies of all sizes.

Presenter Bio:

"David Eckoff is a cannonball of energy, delivering passion and engagement through his presentations. Mr. Eckoff is a boon to any conference that values itself as speaking truth, not fantasy."
- Chris Brogan, New York Times Bestselling author

David Eckoff specializes in working with teams to develop and launch industry-changing businesses. Eckoff is Entrepreneur-In-Residence at the Comcast NBCUniversal "The Farm" startup accelerator and innovation hub. He's defined go-to-market strategies and led teams in companies from startup to Fortune 500. He is an advisor to technology companies, helping take revolutionary ideas from the drawing board to market. Eckoff is an award-winning professional speaker. He's been a keynote speaker and panelist at Charles River Ventures CEO Leadership Summit; SXSW Interactive; Perot Innovation Lab Innovation Insights; and many more. He's guest lectured at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and at University of Valparaíso in Chile.

“David’s keynote at our event was simply extraordinary. He captured the minds, imaginations and hearts of the audience in ways few speakers can. David has that uncommon ability to be perfectly at ease and unassuming in his delivery, yet powerful and memorable in his content. His insights offer an insider’s view into how living at the cutting edge of the media industry can be funny, engaging and daunting – anything but boring. David’s keynote will entertain you, educate you and bring new life to the concepts of invention and innovation!”
- Thomas Koulopoulos, Author Smartsourcing, Founder Delphi Group

“Great session!! Best of the conference!!”
- Andrea Moe, product management and marketing