People as a Product

Join us as we walk you through the trials and tribulations of today's job market. We'll be hosting a "guided" open forum which could pivot from the planned product release very quickly based on user input!

Our roadmap includes:
- Discussing interview techniques; navigating the increasingly popular video interview.
- LinkedIn and Resume; what to do and what not to do.
- Networking; how are you helping yourself?
- Hiring Manager Discussion; what made you hire that last Product Manager?

We'll see if our ideation makes it to launch but in the post-launch review, we'll be hoping to hear we helped at least one of you in your search!

Presenter Bio: Genuent is a Technology Recruiting Company with a strong history of success in placing ProductCampers. We're a proud sponsor of this year's event and hope to help many of you, whether that is now or in years to come. Relationships matter to us and we hope to build some strong connections this ProductCamp!