Session Proposal: The Three P's of Success


The Three P's of Success


PRESENTATION: I use stories from my own life and examples from well known people to show how to be successful.


I, David Roussell, am the self-published Author of the book ʺConsider it Pure Joy. One Man's Thoughts on Love and Failed Relationship.ʺ I'm also the founder of TylerMorgan LLC doing business as David Roussell which creates educational products that inspire and guide people to living their best lives. I created the ʺFive Steps to Living the Life of Your Dreamsʺ system which teaches people to think like and focus on the things that the people we admire the most focus on. I'm also the creator of the ʺThree P's of Successʺ system which cuts to the chase of why massively successful people are really successful. You can learn more about me at