ProductCamp May Multi-Location Lunch

Want to join us for lunch? We’re getting together in five different places – for lunch on Tuesday, May 27, to just slow down and enjoy a casual lunch with your local product colleagues! No presentations and no formal topics – just good food, networking, and plenty of product chatter.

Whether you want to debate methods with other product people or are just looking to network and find some good conversation, this lunch is for you. We don’t always get a lot of chances to swap stories with other product managers, so here’s your excuse!

We have five events planned, so more people will be able to participate at a convenient location. We’re simply getting a spot at a local restaurant and confirming the number of attendees from the corresponding Eventbrite shortly before lunch. For that reason, please do not sign up unless you know you can attend.

The individual lunch invitations are available here:


Please sign up for the lunch that works for you – and for those in attendance, we’ll be making an announcement about future ProductCamp events.

We look forward to sharing lunch with you on May 27th!