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Session Proposal: What the Hell is UX?

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What the Hell is UX?

The business world is beginning to show more value with the 'User Experience' but the vocabulary of UX usually misses the mark. I'd like to share misconceptions vs. actual meaning of the terms like 'Product Design', 'User Experience', 'User Interface', 'Information Architecture' and bla, bla, bla.

Product managers can get more out of UX professionals if they understand the value. And if they understand 'What the Hell is UX?'

Ken Wells, Director (Product) Visual Design, McKesson > RelayHealth
I create value for our customers by helping make our software products and services more understandable, engaging, and enjoyable. With over 30 years of experience product development and innovating marketing communication materials, I've generated thousands of concepts, packages, print graphics, and interactive media.

I reach into the future with both hands and drag back visual illustrations for discussion. These sketches can be viewed, examined, analyzed, and reshaped to make our own future for us, and for our customers.

Of most recent history, I’ve been working closely with new products teams to innovate and sketch out concepts and ideas for design discussion and analysis. And then ultimately contribute by providing visual-‘guidelines’ for engineering. By combining the right amounts of input from different experts and contributors, we create high performance value for our customers with some imagination, intelligence, and discipline to focus in on their needs.

I am also a graduate school professor in the field of classical marketing communications, new marketing, and product development. And sometimes teach undergraduates the art of interaction-design/development.

Collaboration is the new economy.