"I've got an idea..." Conceiving Your Next Product

Are you an "idea person," somebody with a lot of ideas (or maybe just one burning idea) for a new product you wish was built yesterday? In this experimental workshop, we'll share & explore product ideas by brainstorming more than just product vision, but users and their needs, development methods, marketing methods, and business models. Utilizing a simple mix and match method, John will give you the first peek into his method for exploring the viability of product ideas and preparing to turn them from idea into reality.

Presenter Bio:

Director, senior developer, product owner, and Scrum coach, John Hayes began writing software on the Apple //e personal computer at the age of nine, and has led development teams large and small at organizations like CNN, Yahoo!, and Rakuten. Today, he is the founder of Leafboats, a brand new product development company whose aim is lightning fast ideation, development, launch, and monetization of minimal yet engaging new software products. John is a huge fan of iterative development, brainstorming, the movie The Big Lebowski, and Star Trek.