How to Successfully convert your idea to a Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

Often Startup Founders/Product managers struggle with identifying the best approach to build their MVP. Common questions include what should be included in an MVP, how should an MVP be developed, how to launch an MVP in the market, best strategies for collecting feedback from customers from an MVP etc. This townhall,  "MVP Hacks" will demonstrate a few cool "Hacks" to help founders/product managers quickly build and launch a successful MVP. Startup founders will learn tips and strategies to build and launch a successful MVP. Founders will learn various tools and platforms available to piece together prototypes and even build a cool app in minutes.

Presenter Bio:

Vik Kasturi is a seasoned technology leader and startup founder. Vik is currently the Founder/President at Digitivy (, a Digital and Product Innovation firm that partners with Startups, Small and Medium Business (SMB) and Non-Profits to help them with Product Innovation Strategy and Product/Platform development using modern digital technologies. Vik has helped several startups with their product strategy and helped them convert their concept/idea to a tangible Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and actionable product roadmap. In addition, Vik is the founder/product manager at FlashClouds ( a multi-cloud management platform and also serves as Chapter Director for StartupGrind -Atlanta (largest startup founder community).