EQ, Sales and Negotiation: Leadership Skills in Product Management

Most ProductCamp sessions cover techniques, approaches, frameworks and even technologies that help product people meet market needs with successful offerings. You even hear about whose support you'll need, but rarely about how to actually get it.

In the first 15 minutes of this session, we'll examine actionable tactics -- all based on psychological and even biological principles -- that you can apply in your day to day role to more effectively persuade the people you work with and deliver better results. In the remaining 30 minutes, we'll have a free form discussion about personal success or failure anecdotes about those techniques, as well as your ideas and suggestions for other techniques that product professionals should consider."

Presenter Bio:

John Peltier scales product management and innovation for high growth B2B SaaS businesses. Peltier currently serves as Principal Product Manager at WorkLLama, an Atlanta startup delivering candidate engagement solutions in the HR Tech space. John previously served as the first Product hire at Terminus, a leading Account-Based Marketing solution, and led the Product Management team at Norcross-based The Network Inc., leading up to its acquisition by NAVEX Global.

John has served on the organizing team of ProductCamp Atlanta since 2011, and served on the ProductCamp Austin team in 2009 and 2010. He also assists the planning team of Product404.