Enabling Sustainability through Technology

Using the EcoDrop recycling machine and EcoDrop mobile application as a use case, we'll discuss possibilities here and the implications as a whole. EcoDrop Technologies is a recycling solutions company and primarily serves students across university campuses. We provide a convenient and incentivized way for students and faculty at various universities to recycle their plastic bottles and aluminum cans and redeem rewards at our partner restaurants and other service providers.

Presenter Bio:

Ishir Vasavada is a student entrepreneur at Georgia State University. He leads the Business Development, Product Strategy and the Finance Department at EcoDrop Technologies, a seed-stage recycling solutions company. He will be working as a Consultant at a leading consulting firm upon graduation. His mission is to make a positive impact on his community and improving peoples' lives through technological and strategic solutions.

Ryan Aspinall is a Freshman at Georgia State University and is an Entrepreneurship major. He is an aspiring social entrepreneur and loves building, marketing and selling innovative products and services.