The Bear that Wasn't: Are you really solving the right problems?

In this beloved children’s story, a bear decides to hibernate for winter, but when he wakes up, he realizes that a factory has been built around his cave, trapping him inside. In his many attempts to escape, he insists to the factory employees, managers, etc. that he does not belong inside of a factory and that he is a bear. But every time he comes into contact with a person, they tell him that he is just a silly man - who needs a shave and wears a fur coat. He obviously knows that he is a bear, but because he is told otherwise, he begins to believe the people from the factory.

Isn’t it much the same in product management, when we are given a problem to solve? How certain are we that we are hearing the ‘true’ problem statement…or even that we haven’t simply been told so often that this is ‘definitely the problem’ – that we start actually believing it…and thereby failing to solve real market problems?

Presenter Bio: Hali brings more than 17 years of experience in the financial services industry and software product management to her role in managing Sales tools for NCR Global Sales Operations. Passionate about the role of product management in the software development process, the evolution of payments, and overall making the world a better place, she is an Accredited ACH Professional as well as being a Certified Product Manager and has served on a number of industry work groups, councils and steering committees, in addition to helping organize ProductCamp Atlanta the last several years. Outside of all things product management, Hali's passions run the gamut from serving her community as a Skilled Supervisor for Atlanta Habitat for Humanity to dreams of being a gearhead, and – in her own words – a love of random furry creatures