Building your influence

If you're measured on revenue or growth, this session targets you. We’ll explore secrets learned by a Product Marketing / Product Management leader gone undercover into the world of direct sales. You will learn to create messaging that energizes sales, and positioning that pulls targets into winnable buying cycles - in the process gaining (and creating) the voice of sales - and in the process taking on the voice of markets in the aggregate.

Some of the interactive topics addressed will include:
- strategies that ensure the sales force follows your lead
- questions that sales teams need answered – and the opportunity costs of not doing this
- putting segmentation to use in lowering customer acquisition and retention costs
- recognizing top mistakes made by product marketers – and how to avoid them

Presenter Bio: Russell currently leads Watson Customer Engagement sales and client success for IBM. A passionate Product Management and Marketing leader, Russell has “gone undercover” in sales roles for the past 10 years, to better understand the realities of how sales and sellers operate. Russell has been voted top speaker at multiple industry conferences on multiple continents. He has a passion for technology’s socio-economic impact, and is known for expertly fusing sales, economics and innovation management into a deeply relevant, and entertaining message.