The Top 10 Product Management Best Practices

Product Management is one of the most challenging functions within any tech company. But unlike engineering, marketing and finance, you can’t get an advanced degree in it. You’ve got to learn it through experience and the school of hard knocks. Come and find out what the Product Management "Main Thing" is, how to think about product vs. customer experience, the difference between product managers and product owners, how to lead from the middle, and more...

Presenter Bio:Bill Thomson is a product and marketing executive with more than two decades of experience building and growing new software, SaaS and cloud-based product and services at many leading tech companies including AT&T, Citrix, NTT, Cbeyond and Vonage. He is currently Head of Product Management at DC BLOX and serves on the Technology Association of Georgia Product Management Society Board.

Mr. Thomson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University and a Master of Science in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology.