Do More and Sleep Better: Practical Tips for Doing More with Your Day

As a product manager (well actually as a working human) your attention and energy are probably pulled in many different directions. It is so easy to get bogged down with work and personal demands such that you are not only less productive but you lose sleep. In this workshop I will share my practical tips for not only keeping track of tasks across multiple projects and life but also how to get them done so you can rest easy.

Presenter Bio:

Imani Mance is a learning strategist and instructional designer with a background in graphic design and software development. Her work and passion is in helping leaders build the skills, competencies, and confidence they need to not only be EFFECTIVE but also GENUINELY KIND. To that end she creates “friction-less” learning and development experiences that integrate seamlessly into the dynamic working environment of leaders. Oh, and she's also a proud wife, mother, Home Depot associate (her day job), Spelman College (B.S. Computer Science) alum, and Georgia State University (M.S. Instructional Technology) alum.