Buyers' Insight: The NG Win/Loss Analysis

In this town hall type discussion / interaction we will cover the following questions:
- Why the name Buyers' Insight is more appropriate?
- Why Win/Loss analysis should not be done by sales and how Product Management can benefit?
- Why studying the Win is more important than the Loss?
- Why are you not doing win / loss today? How to convince your boss you should?

Presenter Bio: With 20 years of pioneering innovation for technology firms, Stephen now enables C-Suites, Boards, and Investors to achieve clarity on their sales roadmap. Stephen helps clients identify their target customers and the problems they urgently need to solve. Further, he helps clients sharpen their product strategy and determine if their product team possesses the skills and discipline to succeed. Stephen believes in sales focused companies that have the product and vision to attract and retain customers. With executive leadership experience in cybersecurity, enterprise software development, and a wide range of startups, he brings organizational acumen to align with your team and drive your business forward.

Prior to joining Egress Solutions, Stephen served as the SVP of Products for SecureAuth + Core Security. Previous roles included CTO and VP of Products & Strategy for Damballa and product leadership roles at McAfee, Secure Computing, MegaPath, EarthLink and several startups. Stephen empowers teams through insight and guidance while applying ‘Lean Startup’ principles alongside Agile development processes.