What the hell is a CTO?

Job titles are miss-leading and confusing. In technology, this tension is compounded. What's the difference between a Mid-level and Senior Engineer? How much can a code school student handle? Do we need a technical co-founder? How do we know what we're getting? Understanding a few core concepts can help reduce the frustration and uncertainty. Adding clarity to the tensions can also cut through the noise and keep your team moving forward.

Presenter Bio:Founder and CEO of Polar Notion, a human-centered team of designers and software engineers. He is also CTO of New Story, a startup focused on ending global homelessness through ground breaking solutions like 3D home printers and beyond. A thought-filled software engineer and entrepreneur who understands that deliberate, consistent progress over time is life's greatest growth strategy. Regardless of his job titles, Morgan sees leadership as a choice, not a rank. He strives to make that choice daily and challenges others to do the same.