The future of voice interface

The entire presentation is going to be a conversation between the presenter and the system called ArtiE (Artificial Intelligence for the Enterprise). 1) We will show how a voice assistant can silently listen to the presenter and bring the appropriate content on the screen automatically based on what he is presenting. 2) demonstrate how voice can be used in the field of iOT 3) what will it look like to talk to a website to browse the site. 4) and few other applications that can leverage the power of voice.

Presenter Bio:Mr. Stephen is a successful technology entrepreneur. Previously co-founded and exited(2003-2008) a company in the BPO (Business process outsourcing) industry. Stephen is also an IT Industry veteran with a career spanning 20 years, having worked for large corporations like Citi Bank, Sprint, BP oil, at&t and T-mobile. Stephen also has experience working with startups as a seed investor and working for a startup as a CTO (Chief Technology Officer). Stephen is hands-on and commands in-depth software development skills along with a canny leadership ability to inspire team members to create a following. He is an expert in NLP (Natural Language Processing), NLU (Natural Language Understanding) and various other Ai learning methods. In the last 3 years, Stephen has pioneered a voice intelligent system that can bring voice capabilities to the enterprise software industry. As a result of Stephen's work on voice technology, he has applied for multiple patents that are in the provisional stage. Stephen is a quick learner and commands knowledge in various industries like Telecom, Real estate, and Trade financing. He holds an Masters in Computers Science from the University of Madras and a Bachelours of Science in Physics from the University of Madras. Stephen is originally from South India, has a beautiful family with two wonderful kids and a personal motto to progress along the scale of wisdom, happiness, and love