How to market-test your product in one week!

Approaches like Lean Startup encourage Product Managers to rapidly iterate and pivot their way to a winning products. However, the details of exactly HOW to do this have been fuzzy... Fortunately, the folks at Google Ventures have come up with a way to rapidly prototype your product and put it in front of customers in just ONE WEEK. The purpose of this session is to provide an overview of their approach so you can (a) understand how they do it, and, (b) consider how you might incorporate their approach into your own product testing approach.

Presenter Bio: Steve Kraus has 20+ years experience 'bridging the gap' between business strategy and technology, helping to translate business needs into meaningful initiatives. Typical roles include business relationship management, as well as defining and driving change. This encompasses a broad number of business functions – IT, customer service, manufacturing, sales & marketing, logistics, and shared services. Steve has worked as a consultant or executive for a number of major companies, including Sears, FedEx, Cox Communications, Olan Mills, and Home Depot, and has made frequent presentations for the Atlanta chapters of PMI and IIBA, focusing on Product Management and Agile Transformation.