SESSION PROPOSAL: A Millennial's Approach to Better Meetings

Meetings suck. They take too long, are too frequent, and often aren’t that productive. What if we could make them more effective and enjoyable by learning from an unexpected source? In this practical and interactive workshop, we’ll look at the key traits of Millennials and how they can teach us specific techniques for running meetings that leave you and your teams feeling happy and productive. We’ll apply these techniques together to common meeting scenarios to see them in practice. We'll share tips and tricks we have found that make meetings with our teams and/or customers more productive.

Presenter Bio: Caitlin is an agile project manager working who is fascinated by how things fit together. Her focus is working with distributed and local teams building software products across a range of industries, for clients ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 50. She is especially interested in helping the different pieces of organizations work better together by applying agile lessons to company operations. Forever fascinated with the ways great products, agile development, and random nerdy topics interact, she’ll be speaking at Agile Cambridge 2017 this fall on how neuroscience and pessimism can help us work better together, and build better products.