SESSION PROPOSAL: Scaling a Mutiny - A Plan for Strengthening Culture at 5x Growth and Beyond

If only we could do work that excites us alongside coworkers we enjoy... That's the goal, isn't it?

Whether you are a founder or a team member, workplace enjoyment and healthy culture go hand in hand. In this Town Hall, we'll unpack our straight forward approach to growing our team, enriching our culture, and hiring with ease.

If you've struggled hiring, keeping, or motivating 'great talent', this presentation will at least be entertaining and at most change the way you approach your work.

Presenter Bio: Morgan Lopes leads a team of designers and software engineers at Polar Notion. As the company continues to grow and their services evolve, Morgan is committed to providing remarkable experiences for the Polar Notion team, their clients, and their clients' customers. While he reluctantly accepts the title CEO, his role is to identify and amplify the strengths of each person who chooses to join their team.
As of 2016, Morgan has also been serving as Chief Technology Officer for New Story, a startup-minded nonprofit that is moving the needle on the global homelessness crisis. In just two over 2 years they've grown from one home in Haiti to over 800 homes around the world.