SESSION PROPOSAL: Virtual Reality (VR) - Is It Ready For Prime Time Product Marketing?

Is virtual reality the next big wave in marketing your products to your customers? This town hall meeting will give you the state of the market place, what is being done with it currently and where it is headed. The brief introduction of VR is based on what is currently in the market place, where the technology is headed and more. Then we will open up the floor to questions, concerns, and experiences as well as your insights on the potential of this promising technology to add raving product fans. The goal is to determine if this technology is just a fad or does VR have a real future in your products marketing mix soon?

Presenter Bio: For over 35+ years Mark has been labeled as a maverick right from the start of his professional sales and marketing career because he refuses to accept the marketing status quo! He has a long career of stirring the pot, questioning why, tipping over sacred cows and also a passion for finding unique uses of today's modern technology to get his clients voice into the minds of potential customers. With over 24+ years in Internet marketing his simple, logical, diverse and down to earth approach to marketing will challenge your thinking way beyond the box.