SESSION PROPOSAL: Product Manager: The Perpetual Networker

Have you noticed that highly successful product managers are great with customers, comfortably build internal and external relationships, and seem to be natural "people people"? They may actually be shy but they realize that networking - the art of beneficial relationships - is an essential, deliberate, practiced skill in product management, and they hone it continuously. We will hear and share specific techniques for owning conversations while talking the least; choosing the right customers to call next (maybe not who you think); interviewing instead of presenting; building the most valuable relationships across your organization in 30 days; choosing the right medium for each communication; and leveraging outside opportunities for career growth. This is a deep-dive into the people side of product management, not . Get ready to take notes to share with your team and start applying on Monday!

Presenter Bio: Dale Price is a senior offering manager for IBM. He has managed financial, marketing, CRM, and business intelligence software products and portfolios for over 20 years and directed product development organizations of up to 40 people. Dale has held a variety of management positions for companies ranging from IBM to a 4-person startup and is passionate about customers, product development, and easy-to-use software that solves complex business problems. He has a computer science degree from the University of Central Florida.