SESSION PROPOSAL: The 11.5 Videos Every Product Must Have To Be Successful!

With YouTube being the second largest search engine, recent research shows that 71% of marketers say video converts more customers than any other marketing content or materials. Cisco notes that by 2019 82% of all Internet traffic will be video. Video has the capacity to invoke more emotions online than a static list of features and benefits or a downloadable PDF brochure. 

Since videos have been proven to demand more consumer attention than any other medium, how you use video to set your product apart from the competition is paramount. This workshop is designed to give you a solid strategy for adding video to your product collateral mix and a roadmap to follow to put your product in demand!

Mark will also give you a 80+ page training guide, 100% free, just for attending the workshop filled with information and resources to build your own video marketing program around your product or service starting Monday morning after ProductCamp! Please note that there will be a very limited number of training guides available and will only be available to those that attend the workshop on a first come bases!!

Presenter Bio: For over 35+ years Mark has been labeled as a maverick right from the start of his professional sales and marketing career because he refuses to accept the marketing status quo! He has a long career of stirring the pot, questioning why, tipping over sacred cows and also a passion for finding unique uses of today's modern technology to get his clients voice into the minds of potential customers. With over 24+ years in Internet marketing his simple, logical, diverse and down to earth approach to marketing will challenge your thinking way beyond the box.