SESSION PROPOSAL: 'Breathe In / Breathe Out -An Exercise in Customer Discovery

There are so many articles and blogs written about the best way to discover a customer’s needs. Too many, I contend. It is much simpler that that and really boils down to three words – three words that will focus your customer discovery process and lower your anxiety.

This session will be part workshop and part interactive presentation and will demonstrate the power of these three simplifying words. If you are allergic to Play-Doh, this session isn’t for you.

Presenter Bio: Joe Kleinwaechter is the head of the Innovation and Design team at Worldpay, where he leads a team of designers and product managers in creating the next generation of integrated payment experiences. Joe has been an integral part of teams that have delivered the industry’s first electronic receptionist, first power line communications system for energy management, most commercially successful intrusion detection system, and the best groupware product that never sold. He is proud to count many failures as some of his greatest successes.