SESSION PROPOSAL: Adapting an Improv Mindset for Collaboration and Storytelling

What do you think of when you hear the word improvisation?

If you think about it, many of the same things we do on stage are probably similar to what you manage in the workplace. Nothing is scripted and we often need to deal with the unexpected. Each time we improvise, we focus on a certain set of guidelines. First, we withhold judgment of ourselves and others. We trust in our instincts and go with the first thing said, and we always show support for the other people on stage. 

In this session we’ll focus on how to work with others toward the best possible output, be it a new product idea, a company’s strategic plan, or even how to better handle a meeting. What is needed in this moment for the good of the group? Are you able to set aside your agenda? We will also work to strike a balance between your own personal tasks and development, and what is needed for the team/department/organization

Bio: Kristy West is an Account Director at Second City Works, the innovative business solutions arm of the world-famous Second City comedy theater.Kristy joined Second City Works in March of 2017, bringing her years of experience to the premier practitioners of improv and its vast benefits to the workplace. She is based in Atlanta, where she runs the southeast operations.

Prior to joining Second City Work, she spent 14 years working in sales and business development in the Atlanta market while simultaneously studying, performing, and teaching improvisation. Over time, her improv training began to spill over into her professional life, helping develop critical communication skills and propelling her career to new heights. In 2009, Kristy merged her passion for improv with her extensive sales experience and began consulting, coaching companies like Home Depot, Mailchimp, Bank of America, WorldPay, and Cox Automotive on how to apply the principles of improvisation to build more cohesive teams and creative, collaborative work environments.