SESSION PROPOSAL: The Feature Puzzle: Finding out which features really matter… and which don't

You have a great list of potential features for the new product, but how do you decide whether one is more important than the other? With a handful of customers and a technique called the Feature Puzzle, you'll not only determine the relative value of each feature to your customers, but get a list already weighted by difficulty of implementation. The best part is it's quick and cheap. You'll learn: • How to determine the right features for any product and know that they will sell before you design the product. • How to create, moderate, and analyze results from a Feature Puzzle • How to recruit participants from within and outside your current base • Why the resulting information is so valuable • Examples of major corporations that have used the technique and the results they experienced.



Winner of ProductCamp Atlanta's Best Session for two years running, Peter Hildebrandt has been helping product people make sound business decisions for 35 years. He is the principal in Covetability, a consulting firm specializing in bringing customer data into the design of product offerings. His clients range from high technology Fortune 500 companies to startup businesses. Peter is active on two non-profit boards, is a SCORE mentor, and plays the string bass in his spare time.