SESSION PROPOSAL: Making your offerings unique and highly profitable using Blue Ocean strategies

Named Product Camp Atlanta's Best Session in 2014 and 2015. How your products or services compare with others in your industry can make a huge difference in how profitable you are. Common wisdom is to “out feature” your competitors. But by using “blue ocean” strategies, you can not only separate your offerings from your competitors, but reduce your costs in the process. In the end, your offerings are more desirable and more profitable. In this workshop, you'll create your own blue ocean strategy canvas to see how your offering compares with your competitors’ and where the opportunities lie. You'll learn: • The difference between a red ocean and a blue ocean • How to quickly determine where your competitors are not • How to add value to your offerings while reducing cost • How to create a strategy map • Why getting rid of features is a good thing • How to find and exploit needs your customers have but haven’t asked for



Peter Hildebrandt has been helping product people make sound business decisions for 35 years. He is the principal in Covetability, a consulting firm specializing in bringing customer data into the design of product offerings. His clients range from high technology Fortune 500 companies to startup businesses. Peter is active on two non-profit boards, is a SCORE mentor, and plays the string bass in his spare time.