Session Proposal: How to be Agile about “Value” – oh, and Measure it too!

Session Proposal: How to be Agile about “Value” – oh, and Measure it too!

As Agile practitioners, we are always looking for quick insights into the impact our products have on our customers. How do we know we are working on the right feature set? Can we predict the effectiveness of our solutions before we release them? After the release, how do we determine if the customer is really benefiting from the product? The central theme to these questions and alike is “value”. In this workshop, we share the methods we have found useful in finding the answers to such questions. The participants will adapt the methods to particular aspects of their products/projects and see how they could benefit from such methods in a wider context.


Sarah Williams is an IT Business Analyst at Scripps Networks Interactive, with expertise managing complex data-driven web, mobile and social media campaigns and platforms – all with a focus on the end-user experience. She specializes in enterprise applications with a knack for sun setting legacy apps, eliminating manual processes and introducing workflow improvements.

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Arash Farsi is a business and systems analyst currently working at Scripps Networks Interactive on several exciting products and projects. He has experienced working with teams of various sizes on a range of software products in industries such as media, manufacturing, retail, and public government. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience and learning from everyone else’s.

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