Session Proposal: Conducting a Usability Test on the Cheap and Getting Great Data

Session Proposal: Conducting a Usability Test on the Cheap and Getting Great Data

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to conduct your own usability tests without spending a fortune. Usability testing gets your product in front of real users to find out just how intuitive the product your team designed actually is. Every product manager should have basic knowledge of doing usability tests, and you’ll do it today.

Attendees will learn:
• How to avoid biasing your subjects
• How to put subjects at ease
• How to get the maximum data from your subjects
• What to do with the information when you’re done
• Whether to record or not to record
• How many subjects is the right number
• When you can do it yourself and when you should hire an expert
• Eliminating outside variables


User advocate Peter Hildebrandt has been helping companies make sound business decisions for 35 years. He is the principal in Hildebrandt Associates, a consulting firm specializing in bringing customer data into the design of product offerings. His clients range from high technology Fortune 500 companies to startup businesses. Peter is active on two non-profit boards, is a SCORE mentor, and plays the string bass in his spare time.