Session Proposal: Product Management Leadership qualities that can make a difference!

Session Title:

Product Management Leadership qualities that can make a difference!

Most of us report to someone whose job it is to deliver on the premise/promise of Product Management. What works and what doesn't? What recommendations do we have to improve the Product Management Leadership practice and skills in our organization? Having had about a dozen bosses in my PM life, I will kick off with my own observations and open the floor for feedback from the audience?


Werner Wingen is an award-winning Product Management Leader and Executive. He leads Talegent’s Product Management Best Practices.

Werner has been responsible for directing Product Management and Product Strategy, at companies large and small, in the HCM and Financial Services space. Prior to joining Talegent in 2014, Werner managed ADP Tax Credit Products and Services, a $140 Million Business Unit of ADP. At ADP, Werner integrated Tax Credit Services with over 20 Applicant Tracking Systems, to create an easy and seamless applicant Workflow that maximizes the Revenue opportunities for customers. Prior to that Werner headed Product Management for Previsor, which subsequently merged with SHL and CEB.

Werner has implemented multiple Product Management Frameworks, including Pragmatic Marketing (by whom he also has been published). He has dealt with every aspect of the Product Framework, from Vision and Ideation to Requirements gathering, Launch, Marketing, and everything in-between. He has extensive experience with Global solutions and organizations, working in an environment where Software products are manufactured, distributed, and supported around the world. At ADP he controlled and monitored the work of 6 Agile Scrum teams on 3 continents.

Werner was born and raised in Munich/Germany. After graduating and working in Civil Engineering in Munich, he moved to London and ultimately to Atlanta (by way of Ann Arbor and Cambridge). He is married, and is a dual US and German citizen. His hobbies include outdoor activities, music, animals, and history.