Session Proposal: Is Agile Breaking Product Management?

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Is Agile Breaking Product Management?

Has the success of agile development methods had a detrimental effect on product management? The role used to be clear but what is today’s profile for product management success? Agile methods are great but the intense focus on product development has ignored the business and marketing roles of product management. Product management activities extend beyond development to shepherding the product through the entire process from idea to creation to delivery to customers. Now that we’ve optimized development, it’s time to get product management refocused on the business.


Steve Johnson is a recognized thought leader and storyteller within the technology product management community. At Under10 Consulting, he helps product teams define product strategy and nimble processes for an agile world. Steve draws heavily on his marketing and sales experience in both direct and multi-tier distribution, while his quick wit adds an element of fun to his workshops and speeches.

Steve is a popular keynote speaker at technology forums and author of many articles on product management and marketing.