Session Proposal: Engaging Your Sales Team To Help Drive Innovation

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Engaging Your Sales Team To Help Drive Innovation

The sales forecast contains a treasure trove of market intelligence that can help not only improve your current product line, but better position your company to ward off disruptive innovation. Sadly, most simply abandon the most useful information and move on to the next quarter.

In this session we will discuss how product & sales leadership can more effectively communicate internally, understand the difference between sustaining and disruptive innovation, how to leverage strategy insights to improve the accuracy of forecasts, and position the sales team to help deliver more credible intelligence back into the organization.


Kevin Sasser is Managing Partner at Sasser & Associates, LLC. Having held leadership roles with both start-ups and mid-sized technology companies, Kevin offers a broad range of experience that touches every aspect of the business. A proven industry leader with a breadth of knowledge in launching and bringing solutions to market, he possesses sound experience in identifying untapped markets, setting and adjusting product, marketing, and sales strategies, and leading organizations amidst changing market dynamics.