Session Proposal: Are You Facing Extinction?

Session Title

Are You Facing Extinction?


Have you had your head down focusing on your job, your quotas, your family, your responsibilities and overall going through day to day living your life? Meanwhile, a new technology, product, process, or changing culture is sneaking behind you ready to pounce and turn your skills and knowledge into fossils. Of course you read your industry news and keep up with the latest gadgets and apps, but how can you think past what is in front of you and get a glimpse of what is lurking in the shadows? How can you cut through the clutter of "news" and spend time with the information that will impact your life? Sherry will introduce the few trends that she sees as about to have a huge impact on our jobs and how we live our lives and lead a discussion about what's next.

Presenter bio

Sherry Heyl started working exclusively on social media projects in 2005 (before Facebook was open to the public). Early projects included monitoring social media to identify competition and market opportunities for start-up clients, providing online reputation management guidance for ADP and working with on a blogger relations project as well as assisted in developing their internal social media platform. These projects led to leading Brand Atlanta's award-winning "How Do You ATL" social media campaign and managing Public Broadcasting of Atlanta's social community outreach program, Lens on Atlanta. Sherry has worked extensively with non-profits building awareness and leading fundraising and volunteer recruitment campaigns, including Atlanta Children's Shelter, Center for the Visually Impaired, and Communities In Schools of Georgia. Sherry is the Co-Founder of SoCon, Atlanta's premiere and longest running social media conference. Sherry was also the Co-Founder of the TAG Enterprise 2.0 society (renamed TAG Social Business) and the Co-Founder of The Change Challenge, a 6 month competition that paired volunteers with nonprofits to launch a sustainable social media program.

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