Session Proposal: Compelling Messaging: Bridging the Two Truths


Compelling Messaging: Bridging the Two Truths


PRESENTATION: Product Management and Marketing often fight over message ownership - but the truth isn't ownership it's delivery. Sales delivers the message in revenue generating activities. Messaging bridges the only 2 truths - which are decision makers' decision criteria's and an offering's capabilities. This session shares the messaging tricks that will create an unfair advantage for your sellers and empower you with better control over field execution.


Russell Scherwin leads Worldwide Commerce Software sales at IBM. An award winning speaker at industry and local events, Russell is a passionate Product Management leader. He's ʺgone undercover” in sales and sales leadership roles for the past 8 years, to better understand the realities of the revenue process (and gain more roadmap and messaging control in sales than he ever did in PM). Russell has a passion for technology’s socio-economic impact, and is known for expertly fusing sales, economics and innovation management into a deeply relevant, and entertaining message.