Session Proposal: Why I Don’t Tailor My T-shirts: Making lean scale to the enterprise


Why I Don’t Tailor My T-shirts: Making lean scale to the enterprise


TOWNHALL: Startups don’t act like companies with $50B in annual revenue, but those big companies are starting to play the startups’ game. Small, in-house rapid development centers have become the way that companies - new and old - are building engaging, rapidly deployable products into the hands of customers.

But there’s a sour note in this love story of Big Business and the Lean Startup: how to manage, evaluate, invest, grow, and cut off the right products. It’s the tightrope of reducing risk -- but staying on the bleeding edge. We’ll explore how to make Lean work at scale.


Ted Nielsen is a Senior Product Strategist with ThoughtWorks in the healthcare and retail verticals with companies ranging in size from middle market to members of the Fortune 20. His customer value-focused approach to strategy enables adaptive organizations to create unique and original customer value, providing business direction and strategic architecture for focused products within a rich portfolio. He holds an AB in Classics from the University of Chicago.

Evan Waters is a Product Architect at ThoughtWorks where he works to launch products at large commercial clients. Prior to joining ThoughtWorks, he led a team designing and implementing open source Electronic Medical Records at Partners In Health, an international healthcare nonprofit. Evan has a BSc in Civil Engineering from Brown University.