Session Proposal: Why You Should Encourage Marketing to Go Agile


Why You Should Encourage Marketing to Go Agile


TOWNHALL: Agile has been around for quite a while in software development, but other areas of the business have been slow to adopt the practice. Attend this town-hall session where you will hear about a successful application of agile marketing and learn how you can overcome common objections from your marketing team such as:

- "Agile is only for rockstars"

- "Our projects are too big"

- "We don't have the right culture"

- "There isn't enough structure for us"

- "Agile is just a trend"

Follow the initial presentation, we will have an open discussion among attendees to discuss additional objections and ways we can overcome those so that you will be fully equipped to convince your marketing team to "go agile."


Nikki NIxon's current role is a Marketing Technology Manager at SalesLoft, a rapidly growing B2B startup based in Atlanta. Her passion lies in the convergence of marketing and technology and how the two can be used to drive revenue for the business. She studied both Marketing and Computer Information Systems at Georgia State University and is known in the Atlanta marketing community as a "marketing tech guru."